Dana Point Garage Door Repair Broken Spring

For garage doors that have been installed for quite some time, it's inevitable that you may experience problems with the springs. If, for example, you find that you are having difficulty in opening your garage doors, you may find that the problem lies in the springs.

Maintaining the quality and life span of the spring door is important because these are the very components that allow the door to be opened or closed. They support the door, so if they are not working as they should, then you should definitely have professionals and technicians check your broken springs and make the repairs.

Dana Point garage door repair broken springs technicians are the ones you should call to fix your broken springs. Our skilled technicians can fix all kinds of springs, such as torsion springs and extension springs. We are also experienced in fixing spring systems that have been installed in old garage doors, so it does not matter for us if have not been serviced for a long time -- you can count on us to do the job well.

Your garage door may be using the torsion spring system. You will know if this is the case if it involves wound up strings on a centre shaft made of steel. You can find this usually at the top of your garage door. You will also see a stationary cone holding the spring in place and another cone, a winding one that is under tension. The springs unwind when your doors are opened or raised. The tensions forces help lift the garage doors. The springs are then rewound and the cables unwrapped when the doors are closed or brought down.

Although most torsion springs can last for 15,000 to 30,000 cycles, the life span can dramatically decrease depending on the maintenance. If there is more added weight to the garage door, then the life of a spring may also decrease. Poor maintenance may also be the cause why your torsion springs are not working well. That is why it is important to have these checked and replaced if they are malfunctioning or are broken.

Your garage door may also be using an extension spring system, which uses counterbalance cables and pulleys. The springs are positioned parallel to a horizontal track. If these are the springs you are using, you can count on Dana Point garage door repair broken springs technicians to provide high quality work and maintenance.

Our skilled and capable technicians provide light to heavy spring services and adjustment services for all kinds. It does not matter what kind of system uses or how old it is, because we are well equipped to deal with different cases and scenarios. Whatever kind of spring system and whatever kind of problem, you can be sure that we will be providing high quality repair services you will not get with any other company.